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Thread: smallville final season 10

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    smallville final season 10

    Anyone else here fans of smallville and tom welling?
    Its at ep 19 now. The long series is coming to an end but damn CW network still wont let clark wear the superman costume.

    Ive watched the series since the beginning but Im starting to get tired of all the one story per episode thing they're doing.

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    Maybe CW still hasnt acquired the rights to wear the costume from DC comics?
    If so then that sux. Parang ripoff nga ng spartacus yung latest episode, pinapahaba nalang nila para umabot ng 22 episodes.

    I cant wait until kara shows up to kick darkside ass

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    hahah I watch all the episode smallville then hahah napagod ako hehehe I miss watching movies at home...

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