The revelation by NBC News that President Obama lied continuously and flagrantly to the American people that they would be able to keep their doctors and health insurance under Obamacare is a world historic event.

Usually when politicians lie they allow themselves wiggle room, with shadings of meaning that they can fall back on if the lie were ever to be revealed. Only rarely do presidents lie forthrightly, such as when Richard Nixon claimed that he was not a crook or Bill Clinton claimed that he had "not had sex with that woman." Such was the lie that Barack Obama told when he said, repeatedly over three years, that if we liked out health insurance we could keep it. He and his people knew that was not going to be the case from the moment the Affordable Care Act became law.

The scandal is likely to be worse even than the disastrous signup website, which is still the greatest IT disaster in history. That was a blunder, brought about by massive bureaucratic incompetence. The millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance and are being forced to but inferior and more expensive policies on the exchanges are victims of malice, pure and simple.

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