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Thread: Meron bang gadget to use Auto tune for gigs and live performances?

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    Meron bang gadget to use Auto tune for gigs and live performances?

    Meron bang gadget or effects to use Auto tune for gigs and live performances?
    Same style sa mga rnb songs pero gusto ko sana gawin sya live para sa ibang chorus parts.

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    Antares AVP-1
    The Antares Vocal Producer features:

    * Auto-Tune Real-time Pitch Correction - Antares's world-renowned Auto-Tune technology lets you correct the pitch of vocals (or solo instruments), in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance.

    $449 at

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    jeez 20k para sa vocal effects. nakakabitan ba ng pedal or controller yan para sa vocalist?

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    Boss brand, around $200 only.
    Boss VE-20Vocal Performer

    The Essential Stompbox for Vocalists

    Who says stompboxes are just for guitarists? The new, easy-to-use VE-20 has been designed from the ground up for singers, featuring some of the finest vocal-effects technology on the market. With the click of a footswitch, you can instantly add lush vocal layers and harmonies to your singing, add realtime pitch-correction, and you can show your creative side with special effects such as Distortion, Radio, and Strobe. You can even create loops and layers in real time with the onboard Phrase Looper. Perform anywhere with the VE-20 since it runs on AC or battery power.

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