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Thread: String gauge for that heavy tone

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    String gauge for that heavy tone

    What would be better to use? gauge 11 strings on a 6string using dropped A tuning or Gauge 9 on a 7string standard tuning.

    im currently using gauge 9 with standard tuning and its very hard on the fingers so was thinking of changing to a 6string then just drop to A

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    Dropped A on six string = flabby sound unless you use .13 gauge. Stick with the 7-string for Dropped A and use a lighter guage. Maybe your guitar has a floating trem. That adds a lot to the string tension, Use a tremol-no or block the trem cavity with a piece of wood to make it a "fixed" bridge.

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    Where can I get .13 gauge in manila? parang wala akong nakikitang ganon sa mga guitar stores.
    kayanin kaya ng neck yung .12 or .13 gauge?

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